Ex Boyfriend Sweater (From @Meggerisim on Instagram)

Ex Boyfriend Sweater (From @Meggerisim on Instagram)

…Or his sweater anyway.

It’s just a regular sweater. Nothing more, nothing less. But think of all the imagery a simple sign like this “Ex-Boyfriend Sweater” conjures up.

You might remember the songs he liked, the way he smelled, the sound of his voice or maybe you recall the road trip you took together.

Maybe, the ‘Ex-Boyfriend Sweater’ isn’t just a sweater, it’s a vessel for all the ex-boyfriends you’ve ever had.

What sign conjures up emotions that connect with your consumers and differentiate your products?

What’s your Ex-Boyfriend Sweater sign?



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2 Responses to $59.50 Buys You an Ex-Boyfriend

  1. @juntajoe I think you’ll appreciate this one: http://t.co/jc6AVIj $59.50 buys you an ex-boyfriend

  2. This is a great quick post! “@TPLDrew: Just posted: $59.50 Buys You an Ex-Boyfriend – Or his sweater anyway. http://t.co/70ZgpWv”

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