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Postagram - printing instagram photos.

Yesterday, I sent my first real, printed postcard from my iphone. That’s right, a printed, physical, postcard that needs to be stamped and sent in the mail.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

Essentially, Postagram takes any photo and turns it into a printed postcard. However, if you use Instagram (a really great iPhone app) to take your pictures, you can seamlessly integrate your Instagram photos into your postcard.

A couple of things make this work, and if you’re a printer, you need to start looking at this model of content generation that leads to print.

First, Instagram turns even the worst photographer into a decent photographer armed with nothing but a really bad iPhone camera. (The key to this is their tilt-shift feature, in my opinion.) So, now that I feel like I’m taking artsy photos, I’d often thought it would be great to share these. I travel a lot and thought it would be nice to send my wife a picture from each city I visit.


Coinanach.org's Postagram already arrived and he took a picture of it with instagram.

Coinanach.org's Postagram already arrived and she took a picture of it with instagram.

Enter Postagram. Essentially, Postagram is focused on a specific and loyal user-base of Instagram addicts like me. This means, that their free iPhone app immediately appealed to me. The workflow is great. Take a picture with Instagram, open Postagram, choose the photo I’d like to feature, write my postcard note, enter the address, pay $.99 and it’s off.

With the huge amount of digital content being created with mobile devices, finding a way to turn them into offline, printed products isn’t hard, it’s elegantly simple. I’ll let you know when I get my postcard.

Remember, the Future of Digital is Print.

If you’d like to see my Instagram photos, check out Instagrid.

P.S. There are lots of other Instagram photo printing ideas. Check out some of these…

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2 Responses to Postagram – The Future of Digital is Print

  1. Hope you don’t mind, I used your Postagram shot in my post http://t.co/3LYu9R3 (w/ credit)

  2. My @postagram never arrived… http://t.co/3JD9xN3 But I still think the future of digital is print…

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