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Testimonials from prior events and conferences

  • 1 part rock star, 1 part comedian, and 2 parts digital marketing guru  Marta Stiglin | Stiglin Consulting  
    I’ve heard Andrew Davis speak a handful of times and each time I want to ask for his autograph—he’s that good! Drew is one part rock star, one part comedian, and two parts digital marketing guru. His range of experience, the topics he covers, and the highly caffeinated manner in which he delivers his keynotes are second to none. If you’re wondering who to invite to speak at your next event, there’s one answer: Andrew Davis.
  • “Edge-of-your-seat audience engagement”  Jim Cory, Editor, Replacement Contractor  
    Andrew Davis’ stage presence recalls the restless demeanor of a caged tiger. He shakes his head, paces, gestures. He does what a lot of presenters aim to do but don’t quite get around to pulling off: he blends a sense of total mental preoccupation with his topic—social media and marketing—with edge-of-your-seat audience engagement. It’s like he’s thinking out loud, brilliantly, for your benefit. He performs, and the audience goes along, warily at first, then with ever-mounting enthusiasm.
  • Dynamic, funny, moving, and spot-on…  Kyle Dacuyan | Manager of Recruitment & Development | Executive Service Corps of New England   
    "Andrew spoke recently to a group of our consultants about the power in leveraging stories and personal relationships to promote your nonprofit brand. He was dynamic, funny, moving, and spot-on in sharing that the stories we tell as nonprofits must inspire as calls to action. Andrew is a true marketing expert with his finger on the pulse -- and we were very privileged to benefit from his willingness to share."
  • A marketing professional without equal…  Bethany Kendall President & CEO | Executive Service Corps of New England  
    Andrew is a very talented strategic thinker who is way ahead of his time. Smart, high energy, provocative, fabulous speaker! A marketing professional without equal!
  • Part entertainer, part evangelist and all educator…  Rebekah Darksmith | Conference Manager | Niche Media, Inc.  
    "Drew gets it. Wicked smart. Incredibly knowledgeable. Sharply strategic. [Check.] High-energy as gross understatement. [Check.] More fun than a barrel of muppet-wranglers. [Check.] Drew is part entertainer, part evangelist and all educator -- hands down the best speaker I've seen. He's able to marry deep knowledge and strategic insight with respect to brand, social media, technology, and markets with a delivery specific to the needs of your audience. Highly recommended."
  • Exceptional, Dynamic, Provocative, Awesome  Mary Garnett, Executive Vice President, Printing Industries of America  
    Andrew Davis’ recent Printing Industries of America presentation was rated as the top speaker for our event with 100% evaluations indicating Drew as “exceptional” and “exceeding expectations.” Evaluators used words such as “very dynamic” “provocative”, “energetic” and “awesome.” His grasp of all dimensions of media and its relevance in the marketplace ranks Drew in the very top tier of presenters in terms of content. Combining laser-focused branding content with Drew Davis’ high impact delivery style ensures the perfect ingredients to launch a valuable, successful event.
  • We loved every minute of it!  Executive Vice President | SpanTech LLC  
    During our recent SpanTech CPd conference Drew Davis delivered the most passionate exchange of information we have seen in a very long time. Our attendees are still talking about Drew and his new book - Brandscaping - Drew's style is high energy. PASSION DRIVEN CONTENT is exchanged at a fast pace, Drew engaged our audience and we loved every minute of it. Do your organization a favor and buy the book Brandscaping - then Book Drew to speak at your next event.
  • …Substance with style to deliver one heck of an inspiring talk!  Jonathan Kranz | Kranz Communications  
    In a field crowded with would-be gurus and wannabe thought-leaders, Andrew stands apart with genuinely original insights rooted in thoughtful observations of content marketing in the real world. His CMW presentation, based on his new book, Brandscaping, articulated both a vision and a practical pathway for creating content brands that don't merely "build awareness," but actually increase demand. As Andrew points out, a 20% marketshare slice of a bigger business pizza is far more valuable than gaining two additional percentage points of a static pie. Brandscaping -- a melding of content, audiences and partners -- is the means by which smart businesses can expand their pizza by creating valuable content brands. That's the gist of Andrew's presentation -- but it doesn't do justice to the zest with which Andrew delivers it. He combines substance with style to deliver one heck of an inspiring talk!
  • A Show Stopper!  Beth Murray | Conference Coordinator, Education & Workforce Development | PMMI  
    "Drew Davis provided valuable information to our conference attendees with great energy. He was hilarious and informative, a show stopper."
  • Enlightening & entertaining at the same time!  Brian Johnson | VP & General Manager, Direct Division | Red Prairie  
    I would highly recommend Andrew to be part of your event. The way he crafts a message; the way he delivers it; and, the way he engages the audience make him a speaker you really can't find anywhere else out there in the industry. He's enlightening and entertaining at the same time and that earns him a wonderful rapport with the audience. Several people came up after the event and told me that his speech was worth the entire conference.
  • Drew Davis is Damn Good!  Suzette Kraemer | Director, Consumer Marketing & IMAG | MPA  
    "Andrew spoke at the Retail Marketplace 2012 Conference this past Monday.  He has phenomenal energy, excellent insights and he’s such an inspiring speaker.  One of the best received speakers in the history of this conference, Andrew kept our audience mesmerized with his spot-on presentation and engaging style."
  • Mind expanding, energizing, idea generating, whimsical…  Harry Yaffe | Belgarde Property Services, Shareholder  
    "Drew’s presentation at our company’s annual meeting was a mind expanding, energizing, idea generating, whimsical, irreverent, triple espresso, content filled treat. Drew provided us with on point, specific programs, a number of which are being implemented. After your time with Drew, I know you will share my sentiment."
  • Kept the audience on the edge of their seats!  Dede Dierkes | Circulation Manager, St. Louis Magazine | CRMA Audience Development Chair  
    Andrew spoke at the 36th Annual CRMA conference in Las Vegas this past week-end. His high-energy presentation kept the room on the edge of their seats, waiting for more high power explosions. His thought provoking ideas left the attendees wanting more!
  • Drew is one of the best!  John Balardo | President Hour Media  
    Website: www.crma.org
    "Drew delivered an engaging, informative and entertaining keynote address for our conference.  I hired Drew for the annual City and Regional Magazine Association conference after seeing him speak at a similar industry event and was so impressed that he custom tailored his speech for our audience.  It was extremely well received and I would highly recommend Drew for any speaking engagement.  Having seen countless business speakers, I would count Drew as one of the best!"
  • … on the edge of their seats, eager to hear more …  JANE BERGOS | Director of Communications & Brand Management, Newgistics  
    “Andrew Davis is an energetic and inspiring speaker who kept our executive-level attendees on the edge of their seats, eager to hear more. His innovative ideas helped reshape the way they view their role in customer retention.” April 25, 2012
  • Your presentation was so relevant  MICHELE BEAULIEU for Ad Club of Toronto | Managing Director, Operations and Client Leadership at Mindshare  
    Your thorough research into the Canadian publishing market and your ability to read the audience was impressive to say the least. You appear to have a natural talent in connecting with your audience and making them feel a part of what you have to say. Many of our attendees commented on how throughout your presentation you engaged them in a dialogue rather than just "talked at them".
  • Outstanding presentation  LAURA MAURICE for Ad Club of Toronto | Manager, Print Investments at Universal McCann  
    We have personally heard many keynote speakers in the advertising world, and you are without a doubt among the best and most energetic we've had the pleasure of seeing. Your presentation was not only informative and enjoyable, but it also provided our audience with valuable ideas that they could take back to the office and put into action right away.
  • … stop Tweeting when Drew takes the stage  ROBERT COLLINS | Producer of Social Media Breakfast & the Inbound Marketing Summit  
    Put down your iPhone ... fasten your seatbelt and make sure you are well caffeinated to experience the passion, energy and strategic insights ... Andrew Davis is a cross between Joseph Campbell, Seth Godin and Charlie Rose and knows how to deviler presentations & conversations that matter. He delivers stories that move.
  • Absolutely the best  MEG ELLACOTT | Exec Director, MATSO  
    I can't say enough about Drew's presentation to MATSO (Major American Trade Show Organizers) group during the International VISION Show last week in NYC. No droopy eyes or sleepy heads during THIS presentation -- highly energetic, expert in his field and kept people fully engaged throughout. Absolutely the best -- Thanks Drew!
  • Not just a speaker. An experience.  BRENDA LARSON | Publisher, Carolina Parent  
    Drew took the time to understand our core business, our unique expertise and value proposition, and organized an amazing, energetic, entertaining presentation that shook our foundations. He truly made us stop dead in our tracks and assess our business. We came away with some valuable, concrete ideas to work with and some long-held beliefs tipped over. Drew is not just a speaker; he's an experience.
  • One of the best speakers I’ve ever seen!  COURTNEY MULLER | Reed Exhibitions  
    Andrew Davis is one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen or hired.
    He has an extremely energetic and creative style and tailored his presentation to our company in an excellent way.
    I would recommend him for company meetings, conferences or any gathering of business professionals.
  • Gaining a Competitive Advantage  PAUL BUTLER | Managing Director and Founding Partner, GlobalEdg  
    If you are looking for someone to open your mind and challenge the way you think, you should reach out to Andrew Davis. We recently had an opportunity to work with Drew and Tippingpoint Labs with an organization going through enormous change. In order to change, it is important to look outside your organization to see what is happening in the marketplace. Andrew has a unique way of looking at the impact of technology on how organizations think about strategy. The result of our work with Andrew led to helping our client in repositioning their competitive advantage in the social media marketplace.
  • A Powerful Presentation  JOE PULIZZI, author of Get Content, Get Customers | President, Junta42  
    I attended a powerful presentation from Andrew Davis, Tippingpoint Labs at the American Business Media annual meeting yesterday. Although the presentation was geared toward publishers, it’s amazing how many of Andrew’s points need to be executed by non-publishing brands.
  • The Highlight of Our Program  EILEEN WHITE | Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications, CDS Global  
    Drew spoke at last year's Partner Summit for CDS Global and he was. His presentation was such a success we invited him to participate in a much smaller leadership event this year. Andrew always challenges our thinking and helps open our eyes to new opportunities that provide more than just food for thought, but actual revenue and growth potential that we and our partner clients can use. Drew always engages the audience in a fun and entertaining way.
  • Amazing Success!  JENNIFER BERGIN |Vice President Marketing, Brown Printing Company  
    We invited Drew to speak at our National Sales Conference this year and he was an amazing success! Over the course of his ninety-minute presentation he entertained us, expanded our thinking and challenged the entire team to find new opportunities in the digital world. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to open our two-day event.
  • Just Do It!  RUSSELL SPARKMAN | Fusionspark Media  
    If you're considering hiring him to present or lead a workshop for your company or organization, or to provide marketing/branding consulting services, don’t even think twice. Just do it!
  • Never a Dull Moment  SARAH LAXTON | Senior Production Coordinator, Beacon Press  
    Once you attend a presentation by Andrew Davis, you’re likely to recommend him to others simply for the opportunity to attend one of his presentations a second time . . . Never a dull moment, he captivated the audience with a dynamic blend of humor, technology, enthusiasm, and clear research on the subject matter. Drew makes learning fun . . . for adults!
  • Drew blew the barn doors off our venue  BETH BLAKE | Reed Exhibitions  
    Andrew blew the barn doors off our venue (and there were actual barn doors at this venue!).
    His outstanding presentation was engaging and thought-provoking (of course) but he nailed the digital content beautifully! I would recommend him to any group who wants to inspire and entertain their troops!
  • Drew is one of the very best speakers we’ve ever had  CARL LANDAU | Grand Poobah, Niche Media  
    If this isn't a great indication of how good a speaker Drew Davis is – I don't know what is. We hired Drew to teach a couple of sessions for our Niche Digital Conference and his evaluations were so high that we hired him to be the keynote speaker for our upcoming Niche Magazine Conference. Drew is one of the very best speakers we've ever had in the ten year history of Niche Media.

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