The CMO Doomsday clock

The CMO Doomsday clock

The average Chief Marketing Officer’s (CMO) tenure is twenty-eight months. Chief Information Officers last thirty-eight months. CEOs sit in their lofty offices for an average of ninety-five months (almost eight years.) CFOs crunch numbers for fifty-two months. So, why is it that CMOs don’t last? One simple reason. The rest of the executive team doesn’t think CMOs know what they’re doing. CFOs don’t trust your metrics or forecasts. CEOs don’t understand your tactics or your strategies. Why? The new CMO is not doing anything different than the last CMO.

Marketing isn’t about the number of friends and followers you garner. It’s about identifying and measuring what moves your market and translating that into a language that your CEO, CFO and even CIO can understand. It’s about developing a concrete marketing philosophy that is executed tactically but communicated strategically. It’s about proving that the rest of the executive team can trust you to make a long-term impact. You need to regain your ability to deliver measurable results that increase your tenure, focus your marketing efforts and ultimately drive you to outlast your CEO. Think about getting to the 29th month and beyond.

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  1. @B2Bspecialist Good stuff on Social Vs. Biz Measurement @thebrandbuilder @briansrice My take on #CMO Churn

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