Snopes - Rumor Has It

Snopes - Rumor Has It

I love Snopes is the “definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors and misinformation.” Anytime someone tells me a “too good to be true story” about “a friend of a friend” the first place I go to check it’s authenticity is Snopes. Snopes legend-busting prowess covers everything from the rumor that asparagus can cure cancer to the fact that there are no untapped oil reserves in North Dakota (referred to as the Bakken formation.)

This weekend, while I was doing research for my book, I came across a compelling story about a long-lost document called the “Communist Rules for Revolution.” Supposedly, this secret document was discovered in 1919 by allied forces. The document apparently outlined the ten rules for creating a revolution. Turns out, the document never existed.

Authenticity aside, the manifesto inspired me to think about ten things today’s CMO must do to take control of their marketing, so here’s my CMO Rules for a Marketing Revolution

CMO Rules for a Marketing Revolution

  1. Understand your audience; get inside their head. Read what they write. Learn how they live. Do what they do. Make them real.
  2. Get control of your disparate marketing activities, thereby:
  3. Integrating your initiatives across media, platforms and channels.
  4. Efficiently creating, promoting and distributing your content to work across all media, on every channel you participate on and with media who value your brand.
  5. Simplifying your marketing budget by eliminating single-channel spends and focusing on deeper, more authentic, long-term channel relationships.
  6. Destroy your team’s focus on domain-centric metrics (like Unique Visitors to your website, fans, followers and friends) and reallocate your efforts to measuring impact on your business.
  7. Commit to cutting out the middle men, with the goals of:
  8. Authentically communicating your brand’s values in the marketplace by your people for your people. (PR)
  9. Underwriting the highest quality, frequently delivered, valuable content that helps the media you trust tell stories that make a difference in your consumer’s life (Ad Agencies & Media Buyers)
  10. Causing the breakdown of traditional media revenue models and driving product innovation in the marketplace that delivers results you can measure.

What do you think of the CMO Revolt?

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2 Responses to The CMO Revolt: Take control of your marketing!

  1. The CMO Revolt – putting this on my to do list

  2. @BestBuyCMO Join the #CMORevolt CMO Rules for a #Marketing Revolution

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