The Generis American CIO and IT Summit sets the standard on how the industry should connect and exchange ideas.

The Generis American CIO and IT Summit is an event designed to provide IT executives with current trends, strategic insights and best practices in trending technology, cyber-security, risk management and managing talent. This unique summit brings together leaders from across all industry sectors – food and beverage, CPG, automotive, pharma, retail, aerospace and more – involved in the business of IT. Network with peers, connect with exhibitors and learn from the top industry influencers as we explore strategies to drive innovation, growth and profitability in an ever-evolving market.
Leading digital transformation in your organization through technology and people
Adapting to service driven technology in a digital world
Developing a leading-edge cybersecurity organization: emerging risks and considerations
Staying aware of and complying with emerging regulations and policies like the GDPR and CCPA
Updating legacy systems to modernize your organization
Bridging the generational gaps of talent through management, leadership and skills training
How emerging technologies increase the opportunity for innovation in your business
Using insights from IoT to drive innovation and business transformations
Enhancing your cybersecurity practices as the threat of attack increase in complexity
Analyzing vendor risk to make better purchasing decisions for cybersecurity mitigation
Next wave transformation: driving change through enterprise-wide agility
Managing technology and data throughout a period of exponential growth
IT talent and the role of the new CIO

When it happens:

JUNE 6-7, 2023

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