Impact FirstDigital Development Summit

About Impact First Digital Development Summit

Impact First brings together iNGOs, international agencies, governments, and the private sector to engage in two days of learning, collaboration, and showcasing the latest trends across sectors within digital development.
BAO Systems is excited to welcome you to the annual Impact First Summit on May 4-5, 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. This two-day summit will convene speakers and organizations from the global health and development sector where together we explore the possibilities of achieving impact through technology and data innovations.

We believe digital technology is core to the future of the development sector, capable of improving development outcomes, driving economic growth, and lifting millions out of poverty. The rapidly changing data and technology landscape means that we have more information, evidence and insights than ever before, but
efforts must be coordinated to ensure all countries have the tools, knowledge, and
resources to use information effectively. By understanding the broad application of technologies across agriculture, health, education, governance, and environmental sectors, we can make meaningful gains.

The venue offers excellent spaces for presentations, networking and in-depth discussions, not to mention the scenic location by the waterfront in Lisbon. Join us as we spend two days discussing cutting-edge technologies and approaches to address the world’s most pressing development challenges. The Summit will feature plenary and breakout sessions, panel discussions, exhibitor tables, and networking opportunities. The Impact First Summit will be a fully in-person event. Please note that it will not be possible to participate virtually.

When it happens:

May 4-5 2023

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