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Our healthcare system is unsustainable
Burnout has reached pandemic levels, demand on services mounts dramatically, the cost of care continues to rise, and populations suffer worse than ever from unequal access.

While the pandemic showed us the power of what’s possible when the health system unites, healthcare leaders must work out how to embrace data-sharing regulations that provide more choice and power to the patient while transitioning business models toward a system of value-based care. It is paramount to facilitate employer collaborations in line with new standards in working-life, and work hand-in hand with a host of new direct to consumer disruptors that enter the market, vying with incumbent providers or health plans.

At Reuters Events: Total Health 2022 (Chicago, October 20-21, 2022), CEOs, innovators, disruptors and policy makers will join forces to behind a vital mission: building a resilient health system through innovation to ensure gold standard of health for all.

When it happens:

November 7-8

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